Training, Facilitating & IT Insight

“Whether you’re an SME or micro business, HARPER360 can put together and deliver training, leadership coaching and IT Insight tailored to your needs. As an experienced trainer with over 15 years senior leadership experience, David Harper is just one of a select group of HARPER360 Associates who can bring their experience and insight to you and your business. 


Here’s what clients say about HARPER360:

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“Really good session. The most important thing I learned was about the
importance of emotional connection. I liked what Dave said about leadership being a people business” 

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“My expectations were high, but Dave somehow exceeded them” 

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“Really informative, changed my perspective, made me think more about how I work and what changes I need
to make”


Case Study

An SME in Yorkshire found itself in need of a ‘trusted IT advisor’ to sit alongside its interim CIO for a short period of stabilisation and re-focussing. HARPER360 was very quickly able to assemble an experienced IT team which helped the company:

  • Validate and rationalise the IT System Architecture
  • Assess, re-appraise and reprioritise the IT Risk Register
  • Fill key IT roles, both on a short-term contract and a permanent basis

The company is now a leader in its field and is able to regularly showcase how IT has become its key digital proposition enabler.


Case Study

A key cornerstone of the HARPER360 business is giving back to the local community and we are proud to support Career Ready, a not-for-profit careers mentoring service for year 12 & 13 students. In addition to individual student mentoring, our ‘Brand You’ training programme helps students discover their own Brand Values and explore how these are fundamental to securing success and fulfilment in their chosen career.


Need a Different Kind of Help?

Career & Interview Coaching

We all experience highs and lows in our careers – maybe you’re experiencing a low at the moment, or maybe you’ve spotted a great opportunity to enhance your career prospects? Whatever your motivation for getting in touch, David Harper is an experienced coaching professional with over 30 years of real business experience and an over 90% success rate of getting people successful outcomes at interview.

Mentoring for IT & Change Professionals

Careers in IT and Change often come with promises of good rewards but also big demands – the expectations can feel daunting, particularly for when you feel so much less experienced than your colleagues and peers. David Harper can help. David has over 30 years experience in the field of IT and Change, having operated at all levels from coder through Project and Programme Manager to CIO and Programme Director. He understands the expectations and has learned the “do’s and don’ts” of IT & Change through the school of hard-knocks on multi-million pound, multi-disciplined projects.