Mentoring for IT & Change Professionals

Careers in IT and Change often come with promises of good rewards but also big demands – the expectations can feel daunting, particularly for when you feel so much less experienced than your colleagues and peers. David Harper can help. David has over 30 years experience in the field of IT and Change, having operated at all levels from coder through Project and Programme Manager to CIO and Programme Director. He understands the expectations and has learned the “do’s and don’ts” of IT & Change through the school of hard-knocks on multi-million pound, multi-disciplined projects. Here is what people say about David’s contribution to their development:


Here’s what clients say about David:

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“David, you have been fantastic and a great support, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you and getting to know you through my journey on the MBA, I cannot stress how useful it was to have access to your coaching/mentoring throughout the past 18 months, not only for the MBA but through my transition into the new role too.”

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“You are brilliant at what you do and I consider myself very lucky to have had you as a coach”

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“Through Dave’s coaching, the confidence I had in my own ability grew substantially and I was successfully able to achieve some substantial career mile markers which previously were just dreams. I would strongly recommend Dave to anybody who is looking to enhance themselves both on a personal and professional level”


Case Study

James was a Cyber Security Analyst who had worked for a number of financial services organisations but had not been able to break through into the management and leadership positions to which he ultimately aspired. Although gaining regular exposure to senior leaders, he felt like he was always the one doing the running and picking up all the actions – until that is he spoke with David. Through a coaching investment of just £250, in a series of conversations with David focussed on career progression, James switched jobs and increased his salary by nearly 50%. He now leads teams within a blue-chip technology company that is a household name in the sports and gaming industry.


Need a Different Kind of Help?

Career & Interview Coaching

We all experience highs and lows in our careers – maybe you’re experiencing a low at the moment, or maybe you’ve spotted a great opportunity to enhance your career prospects? Whatever your motivation for getting in touch, David Harper is an experienced coaching professional with over 30 years of real business experience and an over 90% success rate of getting people successful outcomes at interview.

Training, Facilitating & IT Insight

Whether you’re an SME or micro business, HARPER360 can put together and deliver training, leadership coaching and IT Insight tailored to your needs. As an experienced trainer with over 15 years senior leadership experience, David Harper is just one of a select group of HARPER360 Associates who can bring their experience and insight to you and your business.